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Arne Jacobsen (1902-71), architect and designer. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, professor at the Academy (1956-65).

As a designer, Jacobsen made prototypes for furniture, textiles, wallpaper, silverware etc. Among his most famous designs are The Ant™ (designed for Novo Nordisk canteen) (1952), Series 7™ (1955), The Egg™ and The Swan™ (designed for the SAS Royal Hotel ) 1958, and the tableware Cylinda-Line (1967).

Among his most famous works as an architect are the apartment blocks Bellavista in Klampenborg (1933-34), Bellevue Theatre  (1935-36), Århus Town Hall  (in co-operation with Erik Møller) (1939-42), Søllerød Town Hall  (in co-operation with Flemming Lassen) (1940-42), Søholm semi-detached houses in Klampenborg (1950-54), Rødovre Town Hall (1957), Glostrup Town Hall (1958),The Munkegård School in Copenhagen (1955-59), SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen (1958-1960), Toms Chocolate Factories in Ballerup (1961), Danmarks Nationalbank (started in 1965), Saint Catherine’s College in Oxford (1964-66).

Jacobsen also designed a project for the lobby of Hannover Concert Hall (1964-66), Castrop Rauxel mall (1965), Christaneum Grammar School in Hamburg (1965), Administration building for the Hamburg power station (in co-operation with Otto Weitling) (1965).

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The time of Arne Jacobsen


1924 Graduated from The Technical College, Copenhagen
1924 Admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
1925 Silver medal for a chair at the World Exhibition in Paris
1927 Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1927 Associate at the City Architect’s Office in Copenhagen (until 1929) music pavilion, shelters and entrances for the Enghave Park in Copenhagen

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1930 One family house, Baunegårdsvej 81, Hellerup
1930 One family house for E Monrad Aas, Hegelsvej 8, Charlottenlund
1930 One family house for P H Fergo, Hegelsvej 4 Charlottenlund
1931 Mattsson’s riding stable, Bellevuevej 12, Klampenborg
1931 Hearse (with Flemming Lassen)
1931 One family house for Rothenborg, Klampenborgvej 37, Klampenborg

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1941 Competition on gymnasium for the Danish YMCA, Emdrup
1941 Conceptual design competition on buildings at the vacant lot by Kongens Bryghus, Copenhagen
1941 Competition, monument for Vitus Bering 3rd prize (with sculptor Anker Hoffmann)
1941 Ibstrup Park I, Hørsholmvej, Jægersborg
1942 Competition, the town hall in Skagen, 2nd prize (with Flemming Lassen)

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1950 Competition, Council school, Esbjerg, 3rd prize
1950 Competition, Yachting harbour and rifle shed, Vejle 1st prize (with engineer Kai Clausen and Th Helleberg)
1950 Hårby School, Funen
1950 Dispenser for Novo
1950 Bio-Bio, wallpaper, for Ernst Dahl

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1960 Grand Prix Internationale d’Architecture et d’Art, Paris, F
1960 Competition, building for WHO, Geneve, CH
1960 Royal Hotel and SAS terminal, Copenhagen
1960 Housing-block, Rødovre Parkvej, Rødovre
1960 One family house for Edwin Jensen, Mosehøjvej, Ordrup
1960 Suggestion for TV set, for Jensen Fjernsyn
1961 Competition on invitation, Danmarks Nationalbank, 1st prize

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1970 Awarded The Wood Prize
1970 Sketch for headquarters of Confederation of Danish Industries, Copenhagen
1970 Novo in Mainz, D (with Otto Weitling)
1970 Kvadraflex and Kubeflex, pre-fabricated standard house
1970 The Mill House, standard houses
1970 Series 3600 for Fritz Hansen

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1972 Holiday-centre on the Baltic, Burgtiefe, Fehmarn, D
1973 The town hall in Mainz, D
1976 City centre Castrop-Rauxel, D
1976 The National Bank of Kuwait
1976 Child-care institution in Gentofte
1977 The Royal Danish Embassy, Sloane Street, London, GB



"I don’t see that any buildings should be excluded from the term architecture, as long as they are done properly."