1930 One family house, Baunegårdsvej 81, Hellerup
1930 One family house for E Monrad Aas, Hegelsvej 8, Charlottenlund.
1930 One family house for P H Fergo, Hegelsvej 4 Charlottenlund
1931 Mattsson’s riding stable, Bellevuevej 12, Klampenborg
1931 Hearse (with Flemming Lassen)
1931 One family house for Rothenborg, Klampenborgvej 37, Klampenborg.
1931 One family house for C Friis, Tranegårdsvej 25, Hellerup
1931 One family house, Ole Olsens Alle 28, Hellerup
1932 Project for belvedere, Klampenborg
1932 Project for the Bellevue Beach (kiosks, changing cabins, tents, towers for life guards), Strandvejen, Klampenborg
1932 One family house for M Steensen, Krathusvej 3, Charlottenlund.
1932 Living-room (with Flemming Lassen)
1932 Exhibition Architect for the Anniversary Exhibition of the Listeners’ Association of the Danish Broadcasting Corp.
1932 Poster for the above exhibition
1933 Competition on one family houses run by the national newspaper Dagens Nyheder.
1933 Competition on a building plan for Gl Bellevue, Klampenborg.
1933 One family house for Povl Munck, Hegelsvej 17, Charlottenlund.
1933 One family house for Brobjerg, Hegelsvej 18, Charlottenlund
1934 Bellavista housing, Strandvejen 419-451, Klampenborg, Awarded a prize from Gentofte Borough same year.
1934 Bathing-facilities, Dragør South Beach (torn down)
1934 One family house for Ehrhardt, Hegelsvej 3, Charlottenlund
1934 One family house for V Grumstrup, Vemmetofte Alle 10, Gentofte.
1934 One family house for H E Holten, Hoffmeyersvej 29, Frederiksberg.
1934 One family house for B Schepler, Strandvej 464, Vedbæk
1934 Folding-chair, bench, stool for B Schepler
1934 One family house for Fl Jensen, Ordruphøjvej 30, Charlottenlund.
1934 One family house, Parkovsvej 7, Gentofte
1935 Novo therapeutic laboratory, Fuglebakkevej 115, Frederiksberg.
1935 Arm-chair in wood and leather for Novo
1935 The Bellevue Theatre and Restaurant, Strandvejen 419-451, Klampenborg.
1935 Chair for the Bellevue Restaurant
1935 Chairs, light fittings and door handle for the Bellevue Theatre.
1935 Badminton court and machine show room, Maltegaardsvej 20, Gentofte.
1936 One family house for G Wandel, Parkovsvej 19, Gentofte
1935 One family house for Erik Dugdale, Kratvænget 9, Charlottenlund.
1935 One family house, Nordre Strandvej 53, Helsingør
1936 The Eckersberg Medal
1936 Competition on invitation on Gentofte Stadium
1936 Competition, New main building at Kastrup airport
2nd prize (with Flemming Lassen).
1936 Landmandsbanken, St Stefan branch, Nørrebrogade 160, Copenhagen.
1936 Seating arrangement and light fittings for St Stefan branch
1936 Tennis club for HIK, Hartmannsvej 37, Hellerup
1936 Texaco gas-station, Kystvejen, Skovshoved harbour
1936 One family house for Steinthal, Hegelsvej 9, Charlottenlund
1936 One family house, Jægersborg Alle 44, Charlottenlund
1936 One family house, Jægersborg Alle 57, Charlottenlund
1936 Poster for Bellevue Revyen
1937 Bellevue Theatre and Restaurant awarded a prize by Gentofte Borough.
1937 Tennis club for HIK awarded a prize from Gentofte Borough
1937 Competition, Århus Town Hall,
1st prize (with Erik Møller).
1937 Landmandsbanken, St Jørgen branch, Vester Farimagsgade 37, Copenhagen.
1937 Stelling’s House, Gammel Torv 6, Copenhagen
1937 Wall-clock for Louis Poulsen & Co
1937 One family house for Christensen, Skovvangen 17, Charlottenlund.
1937 Rebuilding of a one family house and planning of garden for Harald Pedersen, Dronninggårds Alle 70, Holte.
1937 Furniture for Harald Pedersen
1938 Competition, Town hall for Lyngby-Tårbæk Borough purchase (with Flemming Lassen).
1938 One family house for K Johnsen, Ordrupvej 185, Charlottenlund.
1938 One family house and garden for Th Pedersen, Kongehøjen 3, Klampenborg.
1938 AJ’s summer-house, Gudminderup Lyng, Sejrø Bay
1939 Competition, spectators’ area at the Charlottenlund Race-course, 1st prize (with A Jespersen & Søn).
1939 Competition, Søllerød Town Hall 1st prize (with Flemming Lassen).
1939 Apartment blocks, Jægersborg Alle, Charlottenlund